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Swiftcover: Do I Get A Refund If I Cancel Home Insurance?

People are searching for the Swiftcover contact number in hopes of cancelling their insurance and getting a refund back. Right now, there are lots of people who believe if they have set up a home insurance policy and cancel it suddenly they are not going to be eligible to receive any sort of refund back. That is quite understandable and it’s something which more wants to know the answer to. So, if you cancel home insurance will you get a refund back from Swiftcover?

Refunds Are Possible To Obtain

Anyone who has home insurance with Swiftcover and who also wants to cancel their policy, they may be eligible for a refund. However, the amount of refund which you can claim back may depend on whether or not you have made a claim to the policy you currently have. If you cancel within a short period of the policy being active then some money which you have paid may be returned to you. The amount can of course vary from how long the policy has been active and whether or not a claim has been made. If you are unsure over this, use the Swiftcover telephone number and talk to someone there who might be able to clear up your concerns and get the process started also.

What If There’s been A Claim Made?

For those who have already made a claim and haven’t as yet cancelled their policy it will be very unlikely you’ll be able to make a claim for a refund. It might be the entire year’s premiums have to be paid for the policy once a claim has been made. Getting a refund after you’ve cancelled and made a claim will be very difficult, if not impossible. That is something which you need to understand and if you want to talk to someone over the matter use the Swiftcover contact number.

The 14 Cancellation Period And Beyond

Within fourteen days of starting the policy you can change your mind and cancel the policy. That is your right and you will get a refund back for what you have paid. You can either choose to have the full premium returned or if you wanted to, you can be covered for the fourteen days which means the refund will be pro-rated. For those who want to cancel after the fourteen days have passed, it’s possible to do so but there may be a small fee for this cancellation. The refund will be returned to you after the cancellation fee is removed from that amount. To talk more about this, use the Swiftcover telephone number to speak to an adviser. Learn more.

Speak To an Adviser

In most cases, a refund can be given for those who haven’t made any claims but of course if you have passed the grace period of fourteen days, a cancellation fee will be removed from the refund amount. However, you have to remember if you’ve made a claim it’s unlikely you will get anything back from them. If you still aren’t sure where you stand with your policy why not talk to someone? You can use the Swiftcover contact number and talk to someone about your case specifically. Get more information at: http://www.insurancecontactguide.com/swiftcover-contact-number/

What Is Swiftcover And What Do They Do?


Swiftcover, as the name “swift” suggests are all about speed and efficiency. This is an online insurance policy firm that provides clients with insurance policies after a brief moment of discussion. This is a company you can call anytime of the day and get served.

Swiftcover’s website provides comprehensive info on all the services they offer and Swiftcover telephone number to call whenever you are in a pickle. Their flexible prices and requirements have put them on top of other insurance firms.

How do they work?

With Swiftcover, you only need to visit their website using a mobile phone or laptop and browse for the service you need. Set up your quote and add all the relevant information including contacts. The company will process your order and send you the documents via online media where you can print them later on.

There is a Swiftcover Contact Number for every service you need. For instance, there is a number for those who want to home insuranceand a different one for those who need car insurance. If you would rather contact them right away instead of making an order online, you can use one of these numbers.

Besides the company’s moderated fee, they have a system for discounts and money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with their services. However, you have only about 14 days to reclaim your money. If this period expires without filing a complaint, it’s presumed you are satisfied with everything.

It’s not about car and home insurance alone

As a home to a vast multitude of contacts, you would certainly expect a lot from Swiftcover, and that’s correct. The company can link you to other insurance providers who offer travel, breakdown cover and pet insurance cover at competitive prices.

Many insurance companies start up with vigor, but along the way, they get trampled upon by bigger firms and disappear into oblivion. Swiftcover, on the other hand, has been able to dispel their services in many areas and has been able to diversify with time to stay on top of the game. With a dedicated Swiftcover telephone number in place, you can always count on them to sort you out.

No need to search for car insurance renewal price

When you have a policy with Swiftcover, you don’t need to look for renewal prices. 21 days to the expiry of your current coverage, the company will send you an email with all the details regarding your policy for the next twelve months and the renewal price.

Cancelling the policy

There is also aSwiftcover contact number for individuals who want to cancel their policy before renewal. If you want to cancel right after a renewal email has been sent, the email will include the instructions for opting out.

Upon cancellation, the company expects you to destroy all your certificate copies whether in digital, print or electronic form within seven days. For more info: http://www.insurancecontactguide.com/

Top 4 Things prior calling Swiftcover phone number for home insurance

Are you in stuck and desire to call someone like an angel who can prove you a beneficial help? Do you want to keep a number that will help you in a fix? Call Swiftcover Telephone Number!  Would you enjoy getting immediate online services? Then keep Swiftcover Number at the top of your current book. Swiftcover Telephone Number may be response only if you could provide certain information. For sure there are a few Top 4 Things need to know before calling Swiftcover Contact Number especially for an emergency situation. One is you provide such mandatory information you’ll an immediate, quick and authentic help on the spot and by the due date.

1st thing you need to find out before calling Swiftcover Contact Number:

The terms & disorders

If you are certainly not already insured with the speedy company, and you are calling to get insured with that, you should come to understand about their conditions and terms. The terms and disorders of the swift cover are an issue that provides a base for an agreement. Through following conditions and terms, you can make a great and reliable deal. Furthermore, the terms and conditions would let you know whether the offer would be a benefactor in your case or not.

2nd thing you have to know before calling Swiftcover Contact Number:

Featured Packages associated with Swift covers

Swift claim is the only online insurance corporation. They are making their base much better with the progression of the moment. Through knowing about the many new packages you can create an excellent deal. For example, to do home insurance, you must know about the latest packages of home insurance.

3rd thing you need to find out before calling Swiftcover Contact Number:

Validity of services – various websites along with Swiftcover Contact Number:

For sure every person wants stability. Before doing any agreement, you would like everything clear to a person, especially about validity. Through various websites and Swiftcover Contact Number you can come to know about validity with their services. Additionally, through such services you can come to know about critical aspects likewise.

4th thing you need to find out before calling Swiftcover Contact Number

Detailed mandatory information about you and your current deal

Whenever you are planning to do a call to help Swift covers, there is some mandatory information you arrived at know, and you must provide. Just like you must give information about on your own like your name, residence and when you’ve got done insurance with Swift covers and what is the validity date of this insurance. Moreover, if you have insured the home and your home get damaged and after this you are calling Swiftcover Contact Number for immediate services, then you must provide information about the incident, how it can happen, and where the item happens.

There are the Top 4 Things need to know before calling Swiftcover Contact Number. Such information embraces the conditions and terms of swift covers, their featured packages, their validity services and about the deal.

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